The planet,
though my eyes

My journey...

I have been fortunate to be educated with values that instilled in me the love go volunteering from a very young age.

My journey in conserving the oceans and the environment began a little later. I've always been passionate about nature, animals and the ocean. But it wasn't until the beginning of college and the emergence of social media in my life, when I began to be really aware that everything I loved was disappearing in my eyes...

I spend most of my time in the water. The sea is a big part of me. I realized I couldn't find any beach that wasn't full of micro plastics, Fishing nets or other marine debris. So I started to investigate. All of a sudden, all my projects were focused on this problem.

I am not proud to say that we are the first generation to feel the effects of our mistakes, but I am proud to know that we can do something about it to restore the well-being of ourselves and of future generations.

The power to change things is still in our hands. If we act now. 

These are some of the projects in which I have participated

Chasing Pellets Expedition

"From knowledge comes understanding, and from understanding comes change"

I am not a marine biologist. I am a girl who found love for the sea and saw firsthand the damage we are doing ourselves.

One of my goals as a photographer is to raise people’s awareness of environmental issues, and to provide resources and tools so that they can create a change in their lives, make informed decisions and cultivate awareness of these issues to make a positive impact on the planet.

¿Why should we care about the ocean?

Life on Earth depends directly on the oceans. 

The effects of human life and unsustainable fishing, pollution and climate change have been affecting our seas and oceans for years.

We need to raise awareness of its importance, because if we continue to degrade the oceans, marine ecological systems will collapse.

This would directly affect the health of the planet, and therefore our health.

We need more people to join the movement.

Here are some of the reasons for its importance:

- They produce about 70% of the oxygen we breathe

- They play a key role in climate regulation.

- They influence the most important meteorological phenomena.

- They provide drinking water for all living beings 

- It is home to whales, sharks, turtles..., in addition to hundreds of thousands of other species, many of them endangered.

What happens to the oceans affects us all.
They are vital to our existence.
His condition is linked to ours.

Still don’t know what to do to join the cause?

Here I leave you a link to the WhatsApp group where you can find out about events and cleanings that I organize as well as other environmentally friendly organizations :) 

I also talk to you about some organizations and how you can collaborate with them.

Documentaries I recommend you:

You can find them all on Netflix by clicking on the image :)

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